Mobiles Labor Biodiesel DK 109

The Biodiesel photometer allows a quick on-thespot determination of triglycerides, glycerol, methanol and ethanol, thereby contributing to the regulation, optimisation and quality assurance of the production processes of biodiesel and bioethanol. The parameters may be determined directly and without any sample preparation by means of an ordinary photometric measurement.

Biodiesel Photometer DP 800
Maße: 195x100x45 mm
Gewicht: 0,4 kg
Wellenlänge: 520 nm
RS232C Schnittstelle
Netz- bzw. Akkubetrieb
Biodiesel Photometer   Reagenzien und Kontrollen
  • Netzteil
  • Küvettenständer
  • Kapillaren 1-5 µl
  • 250 Stück Mikropipetter
  • Abfallbehälter
  • Akku
  • Kugelschreiber
  • Edding
  • Block A5

With the triglyceride value of a sample that has been removed at process beginning it may be evaluated, for instance, whether the applied catalyst quantity is sufficient or needs to be increased in order to accelerate the ester interchange reaction. In contrast, a sample that is removed at a later time provides the information whether the ester interchange process has already finished (triglycerides < 0.2 %) or needs to be continued.

The value indicated in Ma % is measured mathematically using a calibration function and contains only the triglyceride content. The result does not contain the parts of the co-determined mono- and diglycerides as they are already eliminated.

The portable laboratory biodiesel allows:

  • Recognition of the level of the ester interchange on location and within 2 minutes.
  • Process optimisation by contemporary detection of the reaction progress
  • Identification of the ester interchange’s process end: triglyceride content < 0.2 Ma %
  • Quality control regarding the triglyceride content directly from biodiesel and without sample preparation
  • Content analysis of glycerol, methanol and ethanol - similar to triglyceride determination, without sample preparation and within a few minutes

The portable laboratory biodiesel is characterised by:

  • High accuracy of measurement results
  • Photometric measuring principle
  • Ready for use reagent, filled in round cuvettes
  • Direct sample addition, therefore no complex sample preparation
  • Operational readiness immediately after activation
  • Calibration not necessary
  • Storage of measuring data and protocol printout

The portable, light measuring system with optional mains or battery operation allows a simultaneous observation of several equipments.